LinkedIn: How This Social Network Can Work for You Webinar

Julie Bray-Obermeyer

UPDATE 9/22/15:

The link to view the recording is 

Join us today, Monday, September 21 at 10:00 a.m. CST for our Next Generation Extension webinar on “LinkedIn: How This Social Network Can Work for You” presented by Julie Bray-Obermeyer, Career Development & Corporate Relations Director, College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources; and Haley Steinkuhler, Media Specialist, IANR Media.

LinkedIn is an online collaboration platform in Nebraska Extension’s Issue Team Toolbox. Developing a professional profile is key to connecting with colleagues and stakeholders. Julie will provide Haley Steinkuhleran overview of profile sections, and she’ll share tips and best practices for creating an effective profile. Haley will discuss the Nebraska Extension Issue Teams group as a way to explore ideas, promote innovation and creativity, and share resources.

Building Blocks to Success and Excellence: Professionalism, Skilled Communicator, and Team Player

How to Join Webinar:    

Adobe Connect URL:
Conference Call Number: (888) 820-1398
Enter Attendee Code: 9894805#

Any Extension professional is welcome to attend. The webinar will be recorded, and the link will be posted right here on the Next Generation Extension blog to view at a later date.

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