Publish on Next Generation Extension

Interested in publishing on Next Generation Extension?  Topics should be focused on issues being faced by today’s Extension professionals, so basically it might be a new idea for reaching new audiences, a new delivery strategy, an idea for evaluating impact, a link to an intriguing article or upcoming opportunity for professional development, or just a really big question you would Iike some feedback on.  Really this blog is designed by Extension professionals for Extension professionals…. so feel free to make it what you need it to be for your own professional development.
Here’s how to write your first (or next) post!
  1. Go to
  2. Login with your username and password
  3. Click My Blogs at the top of the page and select Next Generation Extension*
  4. Go to  in the upper left hand corner, and select New Post
  5. Select what you would like to post: text, photo, video, quote or link
  6. Once your done editing, click the blue Publish Post button
  7. Congratulations!  You’re an author! 
  8. The public can now see your post at

*Note:  If you do not see Next Generation Extension as one of your blogs, send an email to indicating your WordPress email address and we’ll get you set up to be a Next Generation Extension blog author.

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