Verbs for Bloom’s Taxonomy

Here in April we are going to have a chance to do some rewrites on our Activity Insights….so now is a great time to think through your personal teaching objectives….or rather the student/clientele learning objectives you will be targeting with your educational activities (workshops, newspaper articles, tweets, and conference presentations).  So, now is a great time to review Bloom’s taxonomy of learning objectives.  Our mission is to engage our clientele/learners in such a way that both our learners and our personnel have a very meaningful collaborative learning experience….or in other terms a learning experience that is so revolutionary to our clientele that we make a huge impact on their lives!

The Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence at Carnegie Mellon University has a handout entitled Verbs for Bloom’s Taxonomy for helping you write GREAT learning objectives.  (You’ll want to print it… you’ll understand why once you click the link.)

Introductory level type activities, such as booth’s at fairs, newspaper articles, tweets etc., typically target learning objectives in the left hand column under Remember.  Workshops, hopefully, help our learners move into more in-depth understanding of a topic, which are characterized by verbs under “Understand”, “Apply”, maybe even “Analyze”.  However, to make a huge impact on our learners, we should be engaging them in such a way that we are reaching those long term learning objectives that we find under the “Create” column.

In Bloom’s terms… Nebraska Extension is on a mission to help Nebraskan’s Analyze, Evaluate, and Create!


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