“Nothing ventu…

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained”      Peter Wastholm

Like many of you I proscrastinated way too long to do this–Blogging, this new way of communicating that is all the rage!  Wait, is it a fad or could it quite possibly be the newspaper of the future–A vital link to next generation Extension audiences?

I just published my first blog post!  It was easier than I imagined and actually kind of fun!  Now the part that is scary, overwhelming, yet incredibly amazing.  This post was just viewed by 80 viewers and that may (and hopefully) is only the beginning. What if this message goes viral!  Imagine reaching hundreds, thousands or more clientele with a single post!

Nearly 100 years into the incredible outreach history of Extension we find ourselves once again, literally viewing the tip of the iceberg, regarding our outreach potential. Within an hour drive of where we gather today live nearly one million Nebraska residents–over one half of our State’s population.  What percentage of this audience have we taught, inspired or influenced? Now is the time–We have excellent educators, the technology in our hands, and incredible opportunity to exemplify Next Generation Extension.  Join me in blazing a path into the next Century of Extension Excellence. As Nike would coach us….”Just do it!”

So I invite and challenge you to embark  on this journey into Next Generation Extension through Tweets, Facebook Posts, Pinterest Notes, Blogging, YouTube, Apps, Web-based learning and similar tools that are yet to be unveiled. Use these amazing tools to market, augment and report your terrific program work–availing these educational opportunities to new and grander audiences.

Along this journey, take time to share your successes and challenges here on the Next Generation Extension blog.  Be bold, flaunt your good work, ask for assistance, recruit colleagues to team efforts, and learn from each other.  Here you can share links to your videos, apps, on-line courses, social media strategies, related professional development opportunities and so much more!

I look forward to learning about your Next Generation Extension journey!


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3 Responses to “Nothing ventu…

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  2. Todd Whitney says:

    This week, I introduced our Hamilton County Corn Plot. Committee to using the free QR code (Quick Response Barcode) to our “Hamilton County Plot Tour Sign” for adding a “virtual plot tour.”

  3. Congrats on posting your first blog, Dave, and for the great response with the number of bloggers who liked your first post-awesome!

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