Digital Impact Report – 4-H Review Idea

Just a quick follow up on Kayla’s terrific post on Digital Impact Reporting… Here’s another idea if you are interested:  In 2010, we decided it would be cool to put together a video to highlight our 2009 4-H year at 4-H Achievement Night. The Year in Review is a combination of photos/video clips set with narration by our 4-H youth – we select a boy and girl. We customize the script and video each year.

The video also plays on local cable television stations for a few weeks and is added to our YouTube channel. We play the video for our local extension board and staff use the video before meetings and programs, as people are coming into the room. It is a great way to highlight (and market 4-H) in our community.

If you want to put together something like this, it is a year long process of collecting photos/video. We also make sure to get photo permissions. As for music? We do use music available free from UNL. It isn’t as cool as Kayla’s music, but we’ve accepted that we need to use licensed music so we can put the video on public outlets like cable. If you are interested in what Vicki uses to create the video, just give her a call 402-441-7180. Since it goes on cable, we have to format it for television.

At the very least, our 4-H’ers, volunteers, families, supporters and staff really enjoy this featured presentation of all their hard work. Even if we only used it at 4-H Achievement Night, the work putting it together was worth it. We just try to get more out of it as we can.

Soni Cochran

About Soni Cochran

Mother, Wife, Grandma! I am an extension associate with the Nebraska Extension in Lancaster County. I work with urban pests and wildlife, youth programs and manage the office web site at My degree is in education and I taught in rural public schools in Nebraska before coming to Nebraska Extension - UNL. I am Deputy Commander of the 155th Composite Squadron Civil Air Patrol in Lincoln - my focus is on public affairs, disaster relief and emergency services. Great organization of adults/teens serving this nation. Love my family, jobs, and sharing my love of nature and the outdoors with anyone who will listen.
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3 Responses to Digital Impact Report – 4-H Review Idea

  1. lindsaychichester says:

    Soni – where can we access the UNL free music?

    • Soni says:

      EdMedia has music resource library. I have a call into Mike Kamm to see if there is any easy way for you to get in touch with the resources. I’ll update on here when I find out.

      University Communications also has a royalty free music library for multimedia productions by UNL faculty, staff or students – contact them directly. (Good site to bookmark anyway – The UNL Toolbox link… page 46 has the blurb about the music library)

      In the meantime, here is Alice Henneman’s info on creating UNL videos that might help you make sure you meet all the branding requirements for videos – also has links to image permission forms

      • Soni Cochran says:

        Follow up…. Just talked to Mike Kamm at UNL EdMedia. You can call Mike or Betty Castan and make an appointment to come to their office. Bring a flashdrive so you can download the music you want or you can use UNL Dropbox. You have to be on site to use the music library since it isn’t on-line, but while you are there you can get everything you need 🙂 Hope that helps!

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