Finding Time for Social Media AND Staying Sane

Alice Henneman PictureHere’s the “back story” on the YouTube video (shown at end of post) about Social Media I shared at the District Conference.

  1. Find directions for embedding a YouTube video in a blog at
  2. Follow the directions at the above link to customize how your video looks by specifying the height and/or width. It’s also a good idea to include the code for hiding related videos. NOTE: The “related” videos aren’t always yours and how a computer algorithm determines a related video may surprise you!
  3. I created this video as an “unlisted” video on YouTube which means only those with the web address can view it. This is a great way to share a video for review by others before making it public. Once a video is posted publicly, if you need to correct and upload it again, the web address and embed code will change. This may negate any previous promotion you’ve created for the video.
  4. The video, including the musical introduction and ending, were created entirely with PowerPoint 2010. I “faded” the music in and out, another feature available on PowerPoint 2010. The music came from the Microsoft images/media gallery at
  5. I chose the 16:9 aspect ratio when I made the PowerPoint so it would show up on YouTube without the black bands at the side when I converted it to a video, again … using a feature in PowerPoint 2010. If anyone would like some assistance putting together a video like this, email me or call at 402-441-7180.

Alice Henneman, UNL Extension Educator

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1 Response to Finding Time for Social Media AND Staying Sane

  1. Thanks so much for sharing how you put this excellent resource together, Alice!!!

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