5 Ways Apps Users Organize Their Apps

Came across an interesting article this weekend on TechCrunch about how users organize their apps.  The really interesting part is that we as app developers might could use this information to determine the relevancy or engagement of the apps we create.  The top method for organizing your apps is to group them based upon the frequency of use.  The second most used method was to group them based upon the type of app.  Third, to just let them be where they land, meaning that they are left in the order they are downloaded.  Fourth, to place those most frequently used where they can most easily be opened, ie. on an iPhone, that would be near the thumb.  And the fifth method was to organize it by what looked pretty, for instance, maybe only a few key apps on the main page so that you can see the background.

As we move forward with app development, it’s important for us to be designing our apps for engagement.  Knowing how people organize their apps, and where our app falls in that hierarchy or organization can help us develop better apps that truly engage our clientele.

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4 Responses to 5 Ways Apps Users Organize Their Apps

  1. dkahl00 says:

    Thank you for sharing, Deb. I really think another thing to keep in mind on the topic of apps is this: Do we really go with an app in our program development? What about the mobile website? It can look and function very similar to an app and people don’t have to figure out how to download it. Could save quite a bit of development monies. Want to see an example, visit http://www.sewardlibrary.org/ on a smartphone. Then visit the website on your computer browser just to compare the difference.

  2. lindsaychichester says:
  3. twhitney3 says:

    As a new blogger, this looks like a wonderful opportunity.
    See ya’ll tomorrow at the ARDC. Thanks Deb.

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