Flipped Classroom

As Karna, Lindsay and I have been presenting the 4-H Livestock Quality Assurance Moodle Course information we have been talking a little about the flipped classroom model.  That discussion has been raising a lot of questions from Extension staff about what exactly the flipped classroom model is….so here is a great article from TechLearning where a few teachers talk about how they implemented a flipped classroom model and how they think that it’s improving the student’s abilities to learn more.  Enjoy!!!


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1 Response to Flipped Classroom

  1. I have been doing a mini-flip when doing PowerPoint presentations. I give a handout that has all the details and then spend the presentation time showing pictures, telling stories, and talking with the group. It is a lot of work, if you do a presentation only once or for a small group, but for larger groups, and repeated presentations, it can be time-effective, and every so much more fun for the group … and me!

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