Going Global: Extension is Online

I am actually participating in the first webinar in this eXtension series as I write this post.  UNL Extension’s Quality Assurance and Co-Parenting courses have both been used as examples (yeah!!).  There are also other great examples of how Extension is reaching audiences with online programming. Education has been offered with a variety of distance-learning technologies, and the possibilities are endless!  One of the courses used as an example reached over 70,000 people-amazing!!

My own experience with distance learning was both fulfilling and fun!

These webinars may provide you ideas and insights to the world of online and mobile learning.

See below for more info!

-Connie Reimers-Hild, PhD, CPC

Here’s the information about the series: 

This fall the campus help team for the eXtension moodle site (campus.extension.org) is hosting a series of free webinars on using online technology in Extension educational programs.  These webinars will be on Friday mornings at 9:00 a.m. central time on the following dates:

September 6–Using Online Technology in Our Extension Programs

September 20–Online Terms & Trends

October 4–Program Development for Online Learning

October 18–Platforms for Online Delivery

November 1– Resources & Tips for Online Learning

November 15–Legal Issues in Online Learning (Accessibility & Copyright)

December 13–Evaluation & Accountability for Online Learning Programs

If you would like more information check out the details at http://learn.extension.org

 The direct link to this information on this weeks seminar is: https://learn.extension.org/events/1217

 If you have questions you can email s-coppernoll@tamu.edu

Susanna Coppernoll

Extension eLearning Specialist

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension

Texas A&M University System

College Station, TX 77843-2116

About Dr. Connie

Certified futurist and leadership coach dedicated to helping individuals, companies and communities create their desired futures by empowering women, families and the planet!
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