Another useful tidbit about Adobe…

Hey everyone –

This weekend I thought of another question about Adobe I didn’t think to ask during our bootcamp session, so I emailed Donald…

I asked him once we posted the link for a webinar recording, was there a way to know how many “listens” it had received. Which would be awesome to know for year-end reporting.

He said we would need to move the recording to the content area – simple as that.

Good luck, and Adobe on!

About lindsaychichester

Hi! I am an University of Nevada Extension Educator focusing on food and agriculture systems. Agriculture runs deep in my veins as I grew up on a cattle and sheep ranch in Northern California, was a 10 year 4-H member, received a formal education in agricultural systems, and have worked a variety of jobs in the industry. I have a Master of Science in Animal Science, a Master of Art in Speech Communications, and a PhD in Systems Agriculture from West Texas A&M University. Join me as I make agriculture fun and exciting while highlighting the science and research.
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