Begin with the End in Mind

You probably recognize that statement as part of your 7 Habits Training…but have you thought about how it applies to developing new Extension workshops?  Whether your creating a workshop or a curriculum, you need to begin with the end in mind. 

1. Identify the learning objectives/outcomes:  What should the learner know at the end of each workshop/workshop session? Be specific here, and think about how your learning objectives are tied to your work team’s signature outcomes.

2. Assessing knowledge:  What type of assessment would verify that the learning objectives have been met?  The highest level of knowledge would be a learner’s ability to apply what they have learned to a new situation or discipline.

3. Come up with the content:  What materials would the learner need to understand the topic?  And, don’t forget about learning styles here….not all learners will be successful learning exactly like you learned the content.

4. Pick your delivery method (face-to-face, online, hybrid, etc.):  What delivery method would work best for your clientele?  Can your content be tweaked to accommodate the preferred delivery method?


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1 Response to Begin with the End in Mind

  1. dkahl00 says:

    Always great things to keep in mind when planning a program. Thanks for sharing.

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