The Future of the University and Extension?

One of the best articles I read this week was, 6 Ways Tech Will Change Education Forever:  Want to know what college will look like in 10, 20, 30 years? Here are six predictions from some of the brightest minds in academia and business by 

A quote in the article from Clayton Christensen sticks in my mind,  “The people who jumped on first to online learning were the ones who couldn’t come to NYU. It was better than nothing,” he said. “But the technology will get better and better and then the customers get sucked out. The question is not whether this will occur, but what role universities will play.”

Access the article by clicking the title in my Tweet below and share your thoughts!




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    Thinking about the future of education, entrepreneurship and learning in general today. How will this impact my family and future? Hmm….

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