Beyond School: An Education Week Webinar

I receive an email newsletters from Education Week and thought this one had particular importance to Extension.  Could the experiences we provide learners become expanded learning opportunities that are available for-credit in either high schools or colleges?

Education is undergoing a major revolution.  Concepts such as Digital Badges and revolutionary learning experiences and qualifications are growing trends.  As people continue to question the value of higher education, what innovations can we implement to add value to the lives of partners, stakeholders and clientele?

Also of note: The webinar is underwritten by the Wallace Foundation. Many of us are already involved in public-private partnerships; however, could partnerships be expanded in new and different ways?  How do we think about education differently?

Post any thoughts/insights to the blog.  Looking forward to some rich discussion!

Go Wild with Innovation!

-Dr. Connie

Here’s information from the newsletter:

This event takes place on Monday, Dec. 16, 2013, 2 to 3 p.m. ET
In Providence, R.I., the school system values learning that happens both inside and outside the classroom. The 23,500-student district is in the third year of a collaborative project with the nonprofit Providence After School Alliance that enables students to earn digital badges and even course credit for experiences that take place beyond the schoolhouse doors.

The expanded learning opportunities include working on engineering projects, video-editing, community service, and business start-ups. The project began as a pilot in 2011 with just 30 students. It’s now in two high schools with plans to expand to four, serving 200 students by next year.

Join Education Week for this webinar featuring representatives from the school district and the nonprofit partner organization that teamed up on the project. Find out what they’ve learned along the way to broaden community support and better serve students through real-life experiences.


Alex Molina, deputy director, Providence After School Alliance, R.I.

Patrick Duhon, director of expanded learning, Providence Public Schools/Providence After School Alliance, R.I.


Caralee Adams, contributing writer, Education Week

Underwriting for the content of this webinar has been provided by the Wallace Foundation.

You can register for this event by clicking on:  Education Weekly

Active Brain Neuron: How do we think about education differently?


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