Creating iMovies to Enhance Your Extension Program

Thanks to everyone who was able to watch the live version of the webinar today! We will be posting the recorded version soon. Let me know if you have any questions at all!

Download the webinar slides by clicking the link below:
Creating iMovies to Enhance Your Extension Programs – Handout

Check out “The Adventures of Nala” video, which I used today in the webinar. I created this video using my iPhone to help teach how to use iMovie on the mobile device. Using the provided templates make it easier to produce quality videos. For this video, I used the “simple” theme and “playful” as the theme music.

A great way to practice making videos is to use your pet or family members as subjects and/or make a vacation video. The more practice with the iMovie app, the more comfortable and faster you become at making your own videos. Videos are a great way to connect with the Next Generation Extension and capture memories.

When making my webinar trailer, I followed a template to create a Hollywood-style movie trailer. I chose the “narrative” theme and added my own videos/photos of working with iMovie into the storyboard. I personalized the outline to include the movie name and the studio name: Films By Kayla. It was really easy to create the movie trailer with the provided template.

I was using iOS 7 with the newest update of iMovie, so older versions may look different. You can also check out Apple support for learning how to create movie projects at

My husband, Nic Colgrove, likes to use iMovie on his iPhone personally by taping a 1-second clip each day. He compiles it into a video using the iMovie app, which is a creative way to highlight each day. This would be a great way to practice using iMovie.

Let me know if you have any questions at all!

-Kayla Colgrove, UNL Extension Educator

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3 Responses to Creating iMovies to Enhance Your Extension Program

  1. Hi Kayla, Could you add a link to the recorded program here? I wanted to watch it, and this would be the easiest place to archive it. Thanks!

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