My New Year Resolution is to Keep Better Track of My Impact Data!

Actually I have used this system for several years, but thought perhaps with the New Year, I would share my system with all of you. For those of you who do not know it, I keep track of my demographics/impact data using Google Docs. Yep, that’s right, Google Docs. Google Docs allows me to have access to my database where ever I have access to the internet. So, if you have a MiFi and are in the field when you are teaching, this is just the trick to help you keep track of your impact data.

First of all, I have a form that I have set up in Google Docs. This one is designed to keep track of demographic data. You can take a look at my form here:

When I input data into the form, the data goes into a spreadsheet which looks like this:

I use a second form/spreadsheet set to keep track of my evaluation data.

The functions embedded in the spreadsheet allow me to aggregate data without a whole lot of fuss! And, when I’m running short on time, I can embed the charts into online documents/websites and let the documents update themselves with the data as I catch up with data input.

Feel free to submit your own data using the first link (I made a copy of my form/spreadsheet data to share so that no one is messing up my data), then click on the second link to see how that data is recorded.

Happy New Year!!!

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3 Responses to My New Year Resolution is to Keep Better Track of My Impact Data!

  1. Thanks for sharing Deb! Great idea! What does the “taxonomy level” mean on your form?

  2. Deb Weitzenkamp says:

    I use taxonomy to represent the number of hours of contact. By tracking how much time I’ve invested in a program, I can determine whether high input programs actually have better impact.

  3. Deb Weitzenkamp says:

    A level 1 represents under 1 hour, 2 represents 1 – 6 hours, 3 represents 6 to 20 hours, 4 represents over 20 hours of contact with the clientele.

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