If you’re a Broncos fan….this post is for you!

Broncos fans know that when Peyton yells “Omaha” it’s not always the same play. He’s a master at adapting his call to mean different things based upon where the team is on the field, how many downs they are on, and which players are on the field. Within Extension, we have a fantastic team, all endowed with unique skills and abilities, diverse clientele that we are working with, and dynamic environments that we are working in. Where we differ from the Broncos is that each of us is charged with analyzing the situation and serve as both the local quarterback and as team members when others take the lead. We have fantastic coaches and trainers on our team…but as the tools available to us change and as we strive to reach new audiences any time, any place, any path and any pace, it’s still up to us to take the lead and call the play. Don’t let the play clock run down while you’re analyzing, call the play.


P.S. Go Broncos!!!

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