5 Tips for Improving Team Strategies for Online Course Delivery

  1. strategySimplify the Registration Process.  Keep the registration process something that is similar to what people are accustomed to through other web purchases, or web content.
  2. Don’t Ask What You Don’t Need to Know.  In an era of identity theft people are cautious about giving excess demographic information online.  Ask yourself what is absolutely necessary for you to know.
  3. Follow Good Web Content Rules.  Reading takes up most of our time while we are online, but people try to read as little as possible online.  So, write your content like a newspaper article (not a column), with the most important things first.  Keep all content brief and to the point.
  4. Use Color and Graphics.  Gone are the days where color and graphics cost extra.  Many learners learn through graphics, or at least use the graphics to remind them of the point of the text.  So, while silly graphics may grab attention as the end user is trying to make sense of them.  Graphics that help to make the point are the goal in online instruction.  Make sure your graphics are legal to use…just because it’s on the internet does not mean that it is free for you to use, after all if you saw an unlocked car in a parking lot with the keys inside, would you take it?
  5. Niche content.  With the proliferation of content, online customers are able to search for very specific content.  Keep content of your course oriented toward a niche content.  Don’t worry about losing market share by being too narrow.  By going online, you are able to market your course to a broader audience beyond county and state borders.
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