Making Pictures with PicMonkey


Picmonkey Edits: Theme / Text

Want to make special photos for your website, print materials or blog? Check out Picmonkey – best of all, most features are FREE! Following are some images made with the help of Picmonkey that our Food, Nutrition and Health Spire team made to update the website. Check the captions to see what edits were made.


Picmonkey edits: Collage/ Simple Edge with Caption space / Text / Overlays


Picmonkey Edits: Collage / Photo Corners (a cost item – but it may be worth the price) / Outside border was made transparent and photo was saved as a png file.


Picmonkey edits: Collage / Banner / Text


Picmonkey edits: Simple Edge with Caption space / Text

Have fun and share your own photos you made with Picmonkey on this blog! Warning: It’s addictive!

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