Ok … the first time it was an accident when I reblogged today. I was just clicking on buttons on Lindsay Chichester’s Blog.

The second time, it was on purpose as it seemed a cool way to promote friends’ blogs and share some great content … as long as I didn’t get too carried away reblogging!!! This time, I shared a post from Kayla Colgrove’s Blog.

WordPress describes how to reblog from other WordPress blogs you follow. What is really nice is that it takes only 10 seconds and gives full credit and links back to the original blog. You also can  add a personal comment at the beginning of the blog to tell more about it (see example below).

Here is how a post on making pizza looked reblogged from Kayla’s blog:

How a "reblogged" blog appears in your blog

How a “reblogged” blog appears as a post in your own blog

Alice Henneman, MS, RD


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