Twitter Profile Updates are Here!

Twitter profile update

New Twitter Profile Example

If you belong to the UNL Social Media Group Listserv, you received an email this morning about the update to the Twitter Profile.

We updated our office profiles last week. It would’ve been much easier if we had the profile image template that was sent out to the listserv this morning. We do learn the hard way sometimes!

The updated profile has some nice features – visually, it is much better than the old version. This new layout looks a lot like your Facebook pages. The new profile even gives you the option of “pinning” an important/favorite tweet to the top. Editing your profile is also so much easier than when we first worked with Twitter.

What you need to update your profile:

1. Get it nowFlipping to the new profile. (You may already be prompted when you log on to your Twitter account)

2. Header Image template -Click on the link below, then click on the image… download it as a template to help with your profile design layout.

If you want to see how we’ve updated our office Twitter accounts, visit:

To join the UNL Social Media Group ListServ, email

Happy tweeting!

Soni Cochran, UNL Extension in Lancaster County

About Soni Cochran

Mother, Wife, Grandma! I am an extension associate with the Nebraska Extension in Lancaster County. I work with urban pests and wildlife, youth programs and manage the office web site at My degree is in education and I taught in rural public schools in Nebraska before coming to Nebraska Extension - UNL. I am Deputy Commander of the 155th Composite Squadron Civil Air Patrol in Lincoln - my focus is on public affairs, disaster relief and emergency services. Great organization of adults/teens serving this nation. Love my family, jobs, and sharing my love of nature and the outdoors with anyone who will listen.
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