Creating Custom Stickers

Looking for a unique way to advertise your programming? I “borrowed” or perhaps “stole” this idea from one of my colleagues and thought I would share it with the group. As a way to advertise 4-H School Enrichment programs and inspire the dinner table conversation, I created a sticker participants can wear after I complete a class room program. For my logo I used I wanted it to be simple, yet eye catching. I played with different sized and settled on a square design.


After creating the logo I shopped around custom printing companies for the best price. I ended up using because they seemed to have the best pricing for individual stickers, for 1000 2 inch by 2 inch stickers I paid $45 which included shipping. This quote was much cheaper than any of the other companies I received a quote from. UPrinting was fast and I had no complaints about the quality.

Now how shall I use all of my stickers?!?!?

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1 Response to Creating Custom Stickers

  1. ashleymuellernebext says:

    Love this idea, Karly! Your county is going to be covered with clovers!

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