Program Cost Analysis

I’ve had this for a while….but in light of some recent conversations decided I had would update my program cost analysis spreadsheet and share it with all of you.

The Program Cost Analysis spreadsheet is designed to help you determine whether the fee that you are charging for your programs are actually covering the costs of the program.  The existing spreadsheet has some features built into it to help you build your professional development and technology replacement funds.  Additionally, there is an integrated feature to cover the cost of hiring additional help in the event of large registrations (In 4-H we attempt to have one adult for every 12 youth).  Costs associated with online registrations have been updated and incorporated into the spreadsheet as well.

All features incorporated into the spreadsheet are based upon cost/managerial accounting.  If you need to develop a business plan you will need to conduct a feasibility and marketing study.  A cost accounting spreadsheet only analyzes the financial viability of a specific product…in this case a specific workshop or program.

You can download my program cost analysis spreadsheet here:

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