Are MOOC’s Forever?

Intriguing article yesterday in the Chronicle of Higher Education. In a nutshell…..Daphne Koller (co-founder of Coursera) in an interview told that Coursera had pulled down some of it’s initial courses, because they had found out that the new learner didn’t want to participate in a course that started on a specific date and ended on a specific date, but rather wanted to find courses that they could start when they wanted to and complete as quickly as they wanted to complete.  Motivated learners now want to binge learn!

As a self-proclaimed binge t.v. show watcher (because let’s face it, your favorite show is never broadcast live when you have the time to actually watch it) and as an avid lifelong learner, I love the concept of binge learning!!! Maybe my next vacation will actually be a staycation packed with binge learning opportunities? 

I think that the concept of providing opportunities for binge learning is a great opportunity for Nebraska Extension.


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