PBL vs. Projects to Enhance Learning

Great article today in Creative Educator.  This article, although somewhat lacking in grammar, punctuation & spelling, was excellent at explaining the differences between assigning projects and coaching learners through project based learning (PBL) experiences.

I’m a big believer in project based learning (PBL)….use it every year with our First Lego League (FLL) teams.  FLL does an excellent job though of setting up the project portion of FLL to be project based learning.  Love that PBL encourages learners to take ownership in their learning and to learn at a much deeper level than just assigning a project, and to work at a level that helps find solutions for real-world problems and gives back to their communities.

If you are looking for methods to enhance the engagement in your issue team, or are looking at ways your issue team can make big strides in impact….check out this article and write a comment.  We would love to hear how you are currently using project based learning or ways your team could incorporate project based learning in the work that you do to make a huge impact in the lives of Nebraskans!

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