Make Creative Videos on Your Mobile Device with FREE App

woman with an iphone

Attend the July Next Generation Extension Webinar if you’d like learn how to make creative videos with your Apple or Android mobile device:

The session will be hands-on and not recorded. A detailed handout of the complete webinar will be available to participants after the presentation.

Link for the webinar:

Do & read these 3 things BEFORE the webinar …. 

1. Download these 2 apps on your mobile device:

  1. Download “FilmoraGo” from the Apple App store or the Google Play Store
  2. Download“JPEG, PNG, Image file converter” also from the above sources. It is made by handyCloset, Inc. There is a free version if you don’t mind the ads (It is the one I use.)

2. Have these images ready-to-go on your mobile device:

(They’re just for practice and don’t have to make sense or fit together.)

  1. A 10-second video made with your regular mobile device camera
  2. 2 to 3 photos made with your regular device camera.

3. Download “Quick Start Basics” to follow during the “hands-on” sections of the Webinar:

IMPORTANT: Print in “landscape” (vs. “portrait”) mode so slide images are as large as possible.

Download link: 

I’ll be demonstrating the basics for you to follow along and do on your mobile device. Also, I’ll show you some of the many bells and whistles that come with this app (such as filters, adjusting the speed of videos, the many sizes and shapes you can use for movies, etc. A  copy of all the webinar slides used in the webinar will be made available after the presentation. There will be no recording as we will be working on your own video during the presentation.

More about FilmoraGo:

An Example of FilmoraGo in action:

Here’s a video I made on a recent culinary trip to Italy while traveling on the bus traveling to the next location. It is a minute long and includes video and photos. (Don’t you think the bee keeper looks a little like George Clooney?)

Questions or comments? Email me at

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