Chris Pine Follows Me on Twitter!

Yep…you read that right….Chris Pine.  🙂  If you don’t know who Chris Pine is then you probably haven’t watched many movies lately.  Now while Chris Pine following me on Twitter did catch my attention, and on the surface was very flattering…it in itself really isn’t blog worthy or flattering at all….let me tell you why.

So…if you click on the Chris Pine that follows me on Twitter, it has a lovely picture of him.  And, yes, that really is Chris Pine…but again…it is very unlikely that it’s actually the Chris Pine that we all watch on the movie screen.  I don’t know Chris Pine…and quite frankly, I can’t even do a 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon to Chris Pine….so I’m 99.99% sure it’s not really Chris Pine.  Which opens up the real reason for writing this blog.

Many times the profiles that follow us on social media are not truly who they on the surface purport to be….which means that someone who doesn’t want to be identified is now following me on social media.  Now, it could just be someone who knows that I like sci-fi movies, or I’m not sure whether I will or will not like Star Trek 4 (2 strikes: loss of Pine, not following Kelvin timeline), or am interested in theoretical physics, but then again, it might not be someone who knows me at all, but rather, is trying to figure out who I am for not so positive reasons.  Just be safe, my friends, ’tis the season for cyber-stalking and apparently in the case of Chris Pine, identity theft.

And, just in case the .01% is the truth and it really is Chris Pine.  🙂 Chris, I’m so sorry that my gut instinct thought that I was being followed by a creep…I’m sure you’re probably not a creep in real life.   Chris….my advice to you would be to go back to the negotiations table on Star Trek 4.  I would like to tell myself that I will not go because it doesn’t follow the Kelvin timeline…but the truth is, I’ll be there the week that Star Trek 4 comes out whether you are in it or not, ready to “Boldly Go, Where No Man Has Gone Before.”

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