Incrementally Closer Hour by Hour, Day by Day

Saw this picture on LinkedIn yesterday.  The contents reflect the conversations I participated in at Fall Conference….so just sharing with everyone.  We discussed how some people focus on how many years they have been in a position/location….whereas others focus on what they have accomplished, no matter where they have been housed. My perspective is that the latter is optimal….and that the latter are people that are more fun to work with! I don’t want to work with a veteran just because they have been there a long time….I want to work with the people (veteran or new person or even someone external to our organization) who can get something done!

Here’s hoping that in 2019 you “bring it” to each and every hour….filling your life with the kinds of opportunities and moments that make your life exactly what you want it to be.  Don’t just fill your hours, but use each hour/day intentionally taking one step closer to your professional goals…hour by hour, day by day incrementally closer to your professional dreams.  …Just think how far you will have traveled after one year! And if we multiply this effort by all the people in Extension…we can move mountains!

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