Social Media Challenges and 4-H

While this might not be a social media challenge as it’s not trending (yet)….but I would like to issue a challenge to all of my colleagues in the 4-H area.  Here it is…..

Google has come out with an online course called Computational Thinking for Educators.  ….And, I’m challenging you to take the class before summer!

It’s free and online…so access shouldn’t be an issue for anyone.  So why this…why now….well I can tell you it’s on my personal to do list.  So, yeah, I’m challenging myself as well.  I first heard about this course from Erin Ingram, and then like red car psychology (Covey’s 7 Habits Course), I keep hearing about the course from teachers and administrators.  So, it’s time….let’s do it!  Let’s all learn how computational thinking and it’s application in the classroom can help our youth achieve bigger goals!

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