Using Backward Design & Authentic Learning to Build Curricula from Competencies

Join Next Generation Extension on June 11th at 10:00 AM CT at

UNMC College of Public Health was faced with big changes in accreditation criteria and found the need to move from faculty-centered teaching and discipline-based content towards student-centered learning and outcome-based curriculum that was integrated and built around competencies. UNMC began by mapping competencies to courses, but a big question kept resurfacing was “how do we assess the competencies we’re mapping?” Learn how UNMC used backward design to create new courses and existing courses through authentic assessments to meet the new competencies.

Choose this presentation because:

  • You wish to learn about the Backward Design Process and how it relates to course design.
  • You wish to learn how to gain faculty buy-in to this new format.
  • You are interested in seeing examples of authentic learning assessments.

Clinicians are:  Christine M. Arcari, Ph.D. (UNMC), Analisa McMillan (UNMC)

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