Innovation In Pedagogy & Technology Symposium

Okay…so I’ve been going to this for years now!  Talked some of my best friends into going with me too!  I find this conference fascinating because, well, you learn lots of information about how our colleagues (UNL, UNK, UNO, UNMC) are using technology and new pedagogies to reach beyond what we’ve done before.  Technically they have sessions on leadership, emerging technology, marketing, instructional design and pedagogy!  It’s yielded new tech and new pedagogies annually for me…but it also has been an opportunity for me to meet people that are great partners for my work in Extension.  Last year I went to a session from UNMC on backwards design…and well, a month later, had the same team of presenters do an online session for Next Generation Extension….they were that good!!!!

Each year this conference has been held in Lincoln…but with the COVID situation, this year the conference is a virtual one on May 12!  To register…. 

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