Podcast Suggestion: Cult of Pedagogy

Hello!  When I cut my commute time several years ago from 2 hours a day to literally just a few minutes, I sort of dropped my habit of voracious consumption of podcasts.  Now, I have to tell you that I think I need to resurrect that practice.  I’ve found podcasts on literally just about everything…but today I spent some time listening to one of my favorite podcasters….Jennifer Gonzalez.  Jennifer has a podcast called the “Cult of Pedagogy”.  She’s a veteran middle school teacher who now teaches pre-service teachers.  Anyway, I find her podcasts…and her blog, refreshing.  They are relatable and really are helpful in our work at  educators in the informal classroom too!

Today, I would challenge you to download a couple of her podcasts and go for a walk.  Take the ear buds out when you cross the streets…but take a good listen.  It will be rewarding!

Podcast https://www.cultofpedagogy.com/pod/  Podcast #142 on Distance Learning (March 30, 2020) gave some helpful tips on how to move from face-to-face learning to distance learning in our current COVID social distancing phase……And, she keeps it real.  She’s not suggesting things that are not comfortable, and she has suggestions on how to do a reset when you think it’s not going like you want it to!  I think you might find a few of the tools she mentions quite helpful!  I’m thinking about testing out a few of them that were new to me too!

Blog https://www.cultofpedagogy.com/blog/

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