Last week I had an epiphany….I realized that the cursive version of the word life was almost a visual metaphor for life! Let me walk you through my epiphany.

When we are writing the word “life” and as we start any new endeavor, we are encouraged to move high and tall, only to come to a summit and fall back to where we started, on the next loop up in life we get excited and move quickly upward, so quickly that we jump to a point and then fall back to the baseline. Our next trip upward is more tentative and floral, and we widen our stroke accordingly, enjoying the travel upward, then back downwards, and whoops, then we fall someplace we haven’t been before…way down below the line. But cautiously and with the help of friends and family we loop our way back up. The final stroke that makes the “e” is practiced and quick, knowing we will loop back to the comforts of the line.

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