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Incrementally Closer Hour by Hour, Day by Day

Saw this picture on LinkedIn yesterday.  The contents reflect the conversations I participated in at Fall Conference….so just sharing with everyone.  We discussed how some people focus on how many years they have been in a position/location….whereas others focus on … Continue reading

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Today’s Extension Life Hacks Webinar

Thanks for the really great feedback on today’s Extension Life Hacks webinar.  Personally I love the format of these and apparently you do too! If you missed today’s webinar and would like to watch it, here is a link to … Continue reading

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Chris Pine Follows Me on Twitter!

Yep…you read that right….Chris Pine.  🙂  If you don’t know who Chris Pine is then you probably haven’t watched many movies lately.  Now while Chris Pine following me on Twitter did catch my attention, and on the surface was very … Continue reading

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You Can’t See Your Own Dirt

I’m at a national conference, and while there, I’ve met and talked with tons of people from other states and had the opportunity to talk with plenty of people from Nebraska. Last night as I was thinking about some of … Continue reading

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Tableau Public

I’ve been using Tableau for almost five years now…it’s a cool tool for us data geeks! Tableau allows you to create excellent professional looking visualizations for all your data.  While the full version would be expensive for any of us … Continue reading

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+Email Accounts

Here’s a little tech tip for those of you working with online systems that require individual email accounts for every participant. Systems require unique email accounts in order to see each registrant as unique and to keep their records uniquely … Continue reading

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Focus on Your Glass Ball

Okay…that’s kind of a weird title for a blog…but it’s true.  Sometimes you are working in a world where you are juggling a lot of balls….but remember only one of the balls is a glass ball….the rest are rubber and … Continue reading

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