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Plickers for Success

If you couldn’t join us earlier this week for this great webinar, here is a link to the recording.  Chasity also shared her PowerPoint and Excel file with formulas for cleaning up the data. If you have questions about … Continue reading

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Plickers for Success: A Technological Tool for Advancement in Data Collection

A few weeks ago I read this article in the Journal of Extension…and was blown away at the thought that this might just be the perfect tool to make collecting evaluations on our issue teams easier!  So join me on … Continue reading

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Designing Great Infographics

Thank you again to Jacie Milius for serving as our last clinician for Next Generation Extension.  If you were unable to join us on February 12th, here is a link to the recording. Infographics breathe life into data that … Continue reading

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Social Media Challenges and 4-H

While this might not be a social media challenge as it’s not trending (yet)….but I would like to issue a challenge to all of my colleagues in the 4-H area.  Here it is….. Google has come out with an online … Continue reading

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Making Connections: Demonstrating Collaborations, Systems, and Complex Ideas with Interactive Tools

Thank you to those of you that joined us live on January 8th…but for those of you who were unable to join us, or those that did and just want a second look, here is the link to the video … Continue reading

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Incrementally Closer Hour by Hour, Day by Day

Saw this picture on LinkedIn yesterday.  The contents reflect the conversations I participated in at Fall Conference….so just sharing with everyone.  We discussed how some people focus on how many years they have been in a position/location….whereas others focus on … Continue reading

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Today’s Extension Life Hacks Webinar

Thanks for the really great feedback on today’s Extension Life Hacks webinar.  Personally I love the format of these and apparently you do too! If you missed today’s webinar and would like to watch it, here is a link to … Continue reading

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