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Hi! I am an University of Nevada Extension Educator focusing on food and agriculture systems. Agriculture runs deep in my veins as I grew up on a cattle and sheep ranch in Northern California, was a 10 year 4-H member, received a formal education in agricultural systems, and have worked a variety of jobs in the industry. I have a Master of Science in Animal Science, a Master of Art in Speech Communications, and a PhD in Systems Agriculture from West Texas A&M University. Join me as I make agriculture fun and exciting while highlighting the science and research.

What do you want your title to say about you? Happy Monday, I subscribe to several random blogs, one of them is The Adventures of Dairy Carrie…I think I need a drink. In today’s posting she talks about the title … Continue reading

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Turning Point Technology Webinars On November 5 and 6, 2013 Turning Point is hosting two FREE webinars. One on effectively integrating response technology and the other on writing meaningful questions. Check them out if they are of interest to you…

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Another useful tidbit about Adobe…

Hey everyone – This weekend I thought of another question about Adobe I didn’t think to ask during our bootcamp session, so I emailed Donald… I asked him once we posted the link for a webinar recording, was there a … Continue reading

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…beautiful bit of science communication… Science Communication… I think that is something we all hope we are doing, communicating the science with our clientele. Today I came across this article that has paired the temperature effects of global warming to … Continue reading

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Dairy Carrie blog – a great place to look for simple, effective blogging topics

Struggling with what to include in a blog? I subscribe to Dairy Carrie, the tales of a dairywoman (and her farming husband). I really enjoy the simple agriculture and livestock lessons she teaches through photos, video, and text – all … Continue reading

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Soliciting feedback through incentives…

Hi colleagues – Just wanted to let you know of a little project (i.e. needs assessment survey) Alice Henneman and I recently conducted that may be of benefit for you. I am looking into creating a few NebGuides about various … Continue reading

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10 Crowdfunding Sites to Fuel your Dream Project

The first time I was made aware of this concept (crowdfunding) was in a TED video (surprising I know, I love TED). Amanda Palmer, a muscician who has refined the “Art of Asking” (, talked about using social media to … Continue reading

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A robot on this gloomy day

Hi everyone, trying out my first blog post on here. Thought you mind need a smile on this cold, damp, winter like day. I recently watched this TED video ( I think you too may enjoy it, it is less … Continue reading

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