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Building Apps Using AppMkr

“Building Apps Using AppMkr” February 22nd, 9:00 a.m., at UNL East Campus Union, Columbine Room Next Generation Extension will be hosting Jacie Milius in a hands-on boot camp for building an app using AppMkr.  We will be in the Columbine … Continue reading

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Number 1 Way to Write Blog Title to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog

Do you agree with this following article on the number one way to drive more traffic to your blog? Have you tried it? Check the charts and information in this article and see if it works for you …

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Extension Master Gardener (EMG) Social Media Training Site

So sometimes things come from different angles….and that is awesome!  It helps us to triangulate the best path for us as individuals. This resource came from Terri James.  Extension Master Gardener (EMG) Social Media Training Site If you have questions, … Continue reading

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Thank You Jay!

So Jay Jenkins had the good eyes and sent me a kind email letting me know that I had scheduled this Zoom meeting for 10:00 PM instead of AM.  I have made the corrections and look forward to seeing everyone … Continue reading

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Completion Paradox

I’m still pondering an article I read in yesterday morning’s Chronicle of Higher Education….”For Students Taking Online Courses, a Completion Paradox“.  The article explains that research conducted on online post-secondary courses suggests that while students may receive a lower grade in an … Continue reading

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Simple Evaluation Templates: From Program Objectives to Impact Statement in 60 Minutes [Webinar]

UPDATE 4/13/16: The link to view the recording is Join us on April 12, 2016 at 10:00 CT Connect URL: We will be speaking using your computer speakers. There is no question that program evaluation is an important endeavor. It … Continue reading

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Verbs for Bloom’s Taxonomy

Here in April we are going to have a chance to do some rewrites on our Activity Insights….so now is a great time to think through your personal teaching objectives….or rather the student/clientele learning objectives you will be targeting with your … Continue reading

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