360 Degree Video for Engaging Audiences

Join us on October 10th at 11:00 when Laura Thompson will be presenting on 360 Degree Video for Engaging Audiences.


360-degree or virtual reality video is a relatively new technology for engaging youth and adult Extension learners. In this presentation I will share examples of 360 degree videos I have produced, discuss camera and software requirements, and share workflow and tips for video distribution. Attendees will leave the presentation with a better idea of what it takes to produce 360 degree video and how 360 degree video could be implemented in their own extension programming.360_vid_preview

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Please join us on September 12th at 10 CT for our Next Generation Extension webinar on MyExtension.UNL.edu.  Clinicians are Angie Rushman and Mike Reise.

Nebraska Extension has launched the My Extension Employee Resources portal. The intent of this new portal is to make it easier to navigate, more secure, and a better resource for you. We will be reviewing the myextension.unl.edu.

There are many changes to employee resources from its previous iteration in terms of look and organization. The first big change you will see is that you will be required to log into the website. Click the login link at the top of the page and use your UNL ID to log into the website. (see attached for reference)

After logging in, you will see that all the resources have been organized around six key areas:

  1. General Extension
  2. Professional Development
  3. Unit Management
  4. New Employees
  5. Faculty/Staff
  6. Programming

If you missed the webinar you can view the recording by clicking here.

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PBL vs. Projects to Enhance Learning

Great article today in Creative Educator.  This article, although somewhat lacking in grammar, punctuation & spelling, was excellent at explaining the differences between assigning projects and coaching learners through project based learning (PBL) experiences.

I’m a big believer in project based learning (PBL)….use it every year with our First Lego League (FLL) teams.  FLL does an excellent job though of setting up the project portion of FLL to be project based learning.  Love that PBL encourages learners to take ownership in their learning and to learn at a much deeper level than just assigning a project, and to work at a level that helps find solutions for real-world problems and gives back to their communities.

If you are looking for methods to enhance the engagement in your issue team, or are looking at ways your issue team can make big strides in impact….check out this article and write a comment.  We would love to hear how you are currently using project based learning or ways your team could incorporate project based learning in the work that you do to make a huge impact in the lives of Nebraskans!

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Student Recruitment/Know Your Audience

Today in the Chronicle of Higher Education there was an excellent article about student recruitment.  One paragraph in particular spoke to me…..

Maybe that sounds ridiculous. Or maybe colleges are generally bad at listening.  Most students Longmire surveyed said colleges cared more about touting their offerings than understanding potential matriculants.  “That’s a damning indictment of where colleges place their focus in recruiting”,  says Bob Longmire, the company’s president.  “If all someone did on a date was talk about themselves, you probably wouldn’t go on a second date.”

I found this particular paragraph interesting because I think it demonstrates what many of us have discussed regarding Nebraska Extension’s marketing materials.  Our best marketing comes from writing/delivery methods that focus on the end clientele….not necessarily how awesome we are….even though we are awesome!  🙂

The researchers in this article go on to say that the best marketing advice comes from listening…that through listening intently, we can create a very valuable feedback loop.  Through that feedback loop we can develop strategies to reach out to and that speak to potential matriculants.

I believe that this same marketing concept is very applicable to Nebraska Extension.  If we focus our marketing on what participants have to gain by involving themselves, vs. marketing the number of years we’ve been around, or that we’ve reached thousands (which the end clientele either immediately will feel part of a group, or feel excluded), then I believe we have moved toward developing a concept of individualized marketing plans….or as Chuck would say “the Amazon experience”.


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So Many Apps, So Little Time Webinar Video and Handout

smartphone-1283938_1920In this Next Generation Extension webinar, Nebraska Extension Educator Connie Fisk shared 25 of her favorite apps and websites to make your job easier or more fun. Learn more about:

  • Conducting polls with a smart phone and showing results in a PowerPoint slide
  • Using your phone as a clicker when showing PowerPoints
  • Making movies with apps
  • And … 22 more apps!

Following is a video of the live webinar and the handout from the webinar …

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So Many Apps, So Little Time Webinar


How to access the webinar

Why you should attend

Did you know that there are over 2.2 million apps available for Apple devices and over 2.8 million apps available for Android devices? Chances are you only have a handful of these on your smartphone because, let’s face it, we’re busy educating, not playing on our phones.


Presenter, Connie Fisk

In this webinar, Connie Fisk will introduce you to applications available on your smartphone that you can use to make your social media posts, web resources, and even face-to-face programming pop! Come prepared to share your favorite smartphone apps and how you use them in Extension.

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NGE Extension Hacks Webinar

Next Generation Extension is planning on hosting a creative new webinar….one focused on life hacks (quick tips) for Extension employees.  Here’s how it will work….every five minutes a different presenter will present one life hack that they have found useful within Extension.

The webinar will take place on December 12th at 10:00 AM CT.  If you have a life hack you are willing to share with Extension, please shoot me a title for your 5 minute presentation.  To avoid unnecessary technology issues, all documents (PowerPoints, Videos, Websites, etc.) should be emailed to Deb Weitzenkamp by December 1st.  We’ll have a practice run on December 5th at 10:00 AM CT (Open to presenters only).

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