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So Many Apps, So Little Time Webinar Video and Handout

In this Next Generation Extension webinar, Nebraska Extension Educator Connie Fisk shared 25 of her favorite apps and websites to make your job easier or more fun. Learn more about: Conducting polls with a smart phone and showing results in … Continue reading

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How to Create a Cloth Poster

I’ve been getting several inquiries of how I created a cloth poster for a national meeting that included these attributes: Cost about $25, which included postage Designed in PowerPoint Doesn’t wrinkle, weighs about as much as a t-shirt and can … Continue reading

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Best Practices When Blazing the Trail for Online Learners

June Next Generation Extension Webinar UPDATE 6/10/16: The recording for the webinar can be viewed using the link https://connect.unl.edu/p61n7y91ay2/  Download the 2 handouts:  QM for Continuing and Professional education PDF copy of slides ⇒ Please take a minute after viewing the … Continue reading

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When and How to Interview End Users [Webinar]

UPDATE 5/10/16: The link to view the recording is https://connect.unl.edu/p8oae1k70ke/ Join us on Tuesday, May 10, 2016 at 10:00 CT Connect URL: https://connect.unl.edu/nextgenerationextension We will be speaking using your computer speakers. Our speaker will be Vishal Singh, CEO and Founder of Quantified … Continue reading

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Twitter-What Few Ever Mention

When beginning something new, there are often things we learn along the way…usually from mistakes we make.  I consider these learning opportunities 🙂  So often when we teach about Twitter we are limited on time and the really important pitfalls … Continue reading

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Making Twitter Work for You

So now that you have a Twitter account, how are you supposed to make it work for you?  The following are some tips I’ve learned and shared with Extension faculty and business owners alike.  Hopefully they will be helpful for … Continue reading

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Your Twitter Account

How do you set up your Twitter account?  Twitter has a great tutorial that walks you through this as you’re setting it up.  There are a few things to think about along the way though. Twitter Terminology: Twitter Handle (Username): … Continue reading

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Why Twitter?

What is Twitter? Twitter helps you create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers – Twitter Why I use Twitter: News source – obtain the latest news I care about including in my area of interest.  Many people use Twitter … Continue reading

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Do images attract your attention in social media?

Do images attract your attention in social media? You’re invited to a FREE webinar on “How to Use Images in Social Media Activities to Increase Engagement and Outreach” for the eXtension Learning Network on Nov. 5, 2014 at 2 pm … Continue reading

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Image Sizes, Uses and Sources Recommended for Social Media Campaigns

OK … so everyone is saying you should use more images in social media. But … what sizes do you use for optimum appearance? And, how do you get the part of the image you want to show into that little … Continue reading

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