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Smartphone Photography and Editing with Snapseed Webinar Video and Handout

Learn how to take photos with your smartphone and edit them with Snapseed (works on iPhones and Android phones) with the following video, download the handout and view class samples from the May 9, 2017 Next Generation Extension Webinar on Smartphone … Continue reading

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Camera at the Ready!

Today I received one of those emails that just make you smile. It was from our colleague, Jan Hygnstrom. Jan is a regular contributor to the Acreage Insights newsletter and on Facebook. She is always looking for great photos to … Continue reading

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Making Pictures with PicMonkey

Want to make special photos for your website, print materials or blog? Check out Picmonkey – best of all, most features are FREE! Following are some images made with the help of Picmonkey that our Food, Nutrition and Health Spire … Continue reading

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Finding Photos for Non-Commercial Uses

Where can you find photos that are acceptable to use in non-commercial, educational publications? NOTE: Just because a photo doesn’t have a copyright sign by it on the web doesn’t mean it is copyright-free. Unless you are given permission to … Continue reading

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