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6 Questions to Drive Your Social Media Strategy

Is Extension ready for a social media transformation?  How can we become a conversational brand? One of our fearless leaders, Dr. Susan Williams, likes to ask the question, “What does success look like?”  (Hint:  This is one of the 6 … Continue reading

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Customized Mobile-Friendly Embedded Website Feedback Form

Want some quick, short feedback from a webpage? Try using an embedded, feedback form made with SurveyMonkey. Though I use Qualtrics for indepth surveys, I found I could only link to a Qualtrics survey, while I could display a SurveyMonkey … Continue reading

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The Amazon Example for Using Related Website Links

This past week, Vishal Singh, Senior Instructional Multimedia Designer, ALEC / Ed Media, presented a powerful webinar “Google Analytics—Metrics that Matter” (recording and slides at preceding link).  During the presentation, he advised using Amazon’s example of showing related links whenever you create … Continue reading

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Making Pictures with PicMonkey

Want to make special photos for your website, print materials or blog? Check out Picmonkey – best of all, most features are FREE! Following are some images made with the help of Picmonkey that our Food, Nutrition and Health Spire … Continue reading

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Which Webpage Would Get the Most Clicks?

For which of these identical content webpages, do you think people would click on the most links? Enter your anonymous answer at the bottom of the side by side examples. (NOTE: You might have to read this post online to … Continue reading

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