NGE Online Course Development Boot Camp

February 2nd, 9 AM to 4 PM CT
Kimmel Education & Research CenterBootCamp
Cost is $20 per person (lunch provided)
Space is limited!

Participants will develop their own course while also learning research based techniques for increasing engagement, reducing the stress of course development and maintenance, and understanding the basics of online course infrastructure so that the technology works for you, not against you.

Participants must bring:

  • Course title
  • Target audience
  • Course objectives
  • Any materials/assessments that they have previously created to teach the course/workshop in person
    • Documents/Handouts
    • Games
    • Powerpoints
    • Any assessments used for the course AND assessments used within their issue team
  • eXtension Moodle login/password (if participant already has an account)
  • Laptop

To register contact Kimmel Education & Research Center with your course name and the names of course instructors, 402-873-3166 or

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