About NGE

Nebraska Extension strives to be a premNh_EXT.blkier provider of research-based information, delivering education ‘…Any time, Any place, Any path, Any pace…’ to multigenerational clientele. We are an organization with professionals embedded in our state’s communities who engage Nebraskans and help them solve problems around important issues that affect our food, fuel, water, landscapes and people.

Next Generation Extension, or what we sometimes refer to as NGE, began as an effort in our Southeast District. Today, it spans statewide. We offer professional development and learning opportunities regularly for Extension professionals. And we focus on topics like delivery strategies, evaluation, grants and funding, teaching, technology, and web-based learning. Through this blog, our faculty can share information, ask questions, and find answers. It’s all about working together to meet our clients’ needs, report to our stakeholders, and move our organization forward.

For more information about the Next Generation Extension, contact:
Dr. Dave Varner, Interim District Director, dave.varner@unl.edu
Dr. Deb Weitzenkamp, Extension Educator, dweitzenkamp2@unl.edu
Ashley Mueller, Extension Educator, ashley.mueller@unl.edu

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