Innovation in Technology & Pedagogy Symposium

If you haven’t participated in this University of Nebraska professional development opportunity…I’m blogging about it as it’s a total win!  All UN campuses are represented at the Innovation in Technology & Pedagogy Symposium and it provides you, the educator, a great opportunity to learn about what our colleagues are doing across the state.  And, the date is set, join me at the Cornhusker Marriott in Lincoln on May 7th!  Registration will be opening soon…and I’ll try to share it on the blog too!

Each year, the best educators from our state and beyond share what they are doing to utilize technology to engage their students better…or how they are changing their pedagogy (method of teaching) to improve the impact they have on their students.  There also is a track on technology administration (not sure how many of you would be interested in that…although I have attended some of those sessions as well).  Several years ago….they even had a representative from Creative Commons talking about how to seek out, utilize, and cite creative commons media (video, pictures, documents). …It was amazing!

Mark it on your calendar….May 7th at the Cornhusker!

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