Next Generation Extension Webinar: CrowdsourcingU

The Southeast Research and Extension Center will be hosting yet another fabulous Next Generation Extension opportunity for professional development….save the date and join us!!!

Dr. Deb Weitzenkamp & Dr. Connie Reimers-Hild
February 10th @ 10:00 CT
Conference Call Number: 888/820-1398
Attendee Code: 9894805#

 Experiencing a Next Generation Extension challenge?  Bring it to this NGE session and learn how to solve it using CrowdsourcingU.  In just one hour you’ll learn how to use CrowdsourcingU techniques and your professional learning network to find creative solutions to your real-world problems.

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One Response to Next Generation Extension Webinar: CrowdsourcingU

  1. askdrconnie says:

    Reblogged this on Ask Dr. Connie and commented:

    Thrilled to be part of the dynamic duo presenting CrowdsourcingU, which is a new technique designed to creatively solve challenges and identify opportunities!

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