How Can We Effectively Tell Our Story? [Webinar]

Sue M. RoushUPDATE 12/17/15: The link to view the recording is

Join us on Tuesday, December 15 at 10:00 a.m. CST for our Next Generation Extension webinar “How Can We Effectively Tell Our Story?” presented by Sue M. Roush, Director of Marketing and Communications, College of Journalism and Mass Communications, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Communicating Nebraska Extension’s impact on the state is important: it shows our commitment to making difference. When we showcase what we do, we inform stakeholders, inspire supporters, and spread awareness. Sue will discuss techniques to effectively tell the story using a variety of channels – from news release to social media.

Building Blocks to Success and Excellence: Skilled Communicator, Leadership, and Impactful

How to Join Webinar:                                                                                                      Adobe Connect URL:
Conference Call Number: (888) 820-1398
Enter Attendee Code: 9894805#

*NOTE: Sue will be joining through conference call only; she will not have slides to present. Adobe Connect will be used to post questions and to record.

Any Extension professional is welcome to attend. The webinar will be recorded, and the link will be posted right here on the Next Generation Extension blog to view at a later date.

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