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Image Sizes, Uses and Sources Recommended for Social Media Campaigns

OK … so everyone is saying you should use more images in social media. But … what sizes do you use for optimum appearance? And, how do you get the part of the image you want to show into that little … Continue reading

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6 Questions to Drive Your Social Media Strategy

Is Extension ready for a social media transformation?  How can we become a conversational brand? One of our fearless leaders, Dr. Susan Williams, likes to ask the question, “What does success look like?”  (Hint:  This is one of the 6 … Continue reading

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Adding a Pin It Button to Your Website

I just attended a webinar on Pinterest and the speaker suggested adding a “Pin it” button to any item on a website you wanted pinned. Here what I found when I researched how to do this. There are three easy … Continue reading

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Customized Mobile-Friendly Embedded Website Feedback Form

Want some quick, short feedback from a webpage? Try using an embedded, feedback form made with SurveyMonkey. Though I use Qualtrics for indepth surveys, I found I could only link to a Qualtrics survey, while I could display a SurveyMonkey … Continue reading

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The Future of the University and Extension?

One of the best articles I read this week was, 6 Ways Tech Will Change Education Forever:  Want to know what college will look like in 10, 20, 30 years? Here are six predictions from some of the brightest minds in … Continue reading

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How Can We Use Technology to Make a BIG Difference?

A great example of how leadership, technology and focusing on the consumer can lead to success! http://t.co/KjcsLwfEpa — Connie Reimers-Hild (@askdrconnie) October 15, 2013  

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Going Global: Extension is Online

I am actually participating in the first webinar in this eXtension series as I write this post.  UNL Extension’s Quality Assurance and Co-Parenting courses have both been used as examples (yeah!!).  There are also other great examples of how Extension … Continue reading

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